Company Profile

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Tidewater Power Equipment Company to be the premier international equipment and parts distributor.  We want to provide customers with top quality products and 100% customer satisfaction in equipment, parts and service.  We want to attract and keep high caliber employees who are dedicated to the goals of the company and are rewarded for their efforts and contributions

A Statement of Company Philosophy

Tidewater Power is dedicated to strive for excellence in the Power Equipment Industry. This is achieved by maintaining a reputation for OUTSTANDING SERVICE, HONESTY, and INTEGRITY. We simply want to be the best in our field.

Tidewater Power's greatest resource is its people. Therefore it is our goal to establish an environment to attract and keep high caliber people who are dedicated to the ideals of the company.

Tidewater Power will seek growth in areas that will yield a high return on its investment and is compatible with the experience and capabilities of our people. We recognize, however, that growth can only result from
being a quality, service oriented organization. The prosperity and solid financial growth of the company is vital. Without both, none of the rest is possible.

To achieve above average sales and profits to finance company growth and provide the resources necessary to achieve our other corporate goals.

To be our dealers' preferred distributor by providing them top-quality products
through competitive pricing and terms as well as unmatchable customer service.

charlotte_final.jpgStrategic Growth
To grow beyond our current borders and expand our territory for each of our product lines as well as acquiring new product lines and protecting our existing territory.

To systematically improve our business and achieve a greater operating efficiency.

To develop a workplace that promotes personal growth through education and experience, satisfaction through rewards and promotion opportunities, and job security through continued company growth.